Using Google Docs for Collaboration

Feb 8th, 2011 | Posted by

While working with colleagues or students, have you ever emailed a document for review and spent days reconciling all the versions that were emailed back to you? A collaborative document, located online, where everyone with access can view or edit it, is the solution to that problem.

There are various collaborative document tools on the internet. The most widely used is Google Docs, which lets you share text documents, slides, spreadsheets, and drawings in real time. Multiple users can view and edit the same document at the same time.  Documents can be shared with specific users (by emailing them an invitation – if you use Google docs, make sure invitees have a Gmail account) or by emailing them a link to the document. A revision history is kept so you know who edited what and when.

When you’re done with your document it can be downloaded, printed or sent via email in one of several forms (Word Doc, PDF, RTF, among others).

Find out more about Google Document sharing here.

–Sheryl Coleman

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