Creating Interactive Online Timelines

Feb 15th, 2011 | Posted by

Timelines, which allow you to chronologically chart events from a key historical period and present this information in a visual format, have been a popular tool for many courses. Online timelines not only allow you to chart events, but also to pull in multimedia materials, such as photos and video, which serve to enhance the timeline experience.

Timelines can represent the time span of thousands of years or several hours, and can present this information in a compressed or expanded presentation format. By toggling the view between timeline and list view, you can either see a comprehensive detailing of events or a more abbreviated version. Additionally, you can zoom in on a specific event by clicking on it.

With online timeline tools such as Dipity, the most popular timeline site, you can set up a timeline account for free, then begin to chart an event by adding the event and inserting images and/or links for news stories or other video.

All timeline resources allow for the addition of events after 1 C.E.; however, Xtimeline is the only free timeline resource that will also allow for B.C.E. events.

To get started, try out these timeline tools:

Dipity (

Xtimeline (

Timetoast (

~Pat Hetu

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