Adding Voice Notes to Word Documents

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In the online or blended learning environment, it is often necessary to grade assignments electronically.  The easiest way to do this is to add typed comments (much as one would write notes along the borders of a paper copy of an assignment.) To add notes electronically in Microsoft Word 2007, go to the Review tab, highlight the word or words you wish to comment on and, from the ribbon, choose New Comment. Then type in your remarks.

Audio Icon from WordThis is a practical way to electronically mark up a paper. If you are accustomed to talking to your students about their assignments, you may want to consider giving your notes a more personalized touch by adding your voice to the comments.  This is quite easy to do in Word.

Most of the more recent versions of PCs, laptops and netbooks have the capability for recording speech. To see if your computer has this capability, check the Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices area of the Control Panel. If your computer is not set up to record speech and/or you would like a clearer recording of your voice, consider purchasing a headset with microphone (they start at around $10).

Once you are set to record, open your Word document.

  1. Choose the Insert tab, and then click the down arrow next to Object.
  2. From the pull-down menu, choose Object.
  3. From the Create New tab, under Object Type, scroll down to find Wave Sound. To have the clip displayed in the document as an icon (which makes it easier to find) check Display as Icon. If you would like a different icon than the one displayed, choose Change Icon
  4. Click the red Record button to record your comments. When done, click the rectangular Stop button. When done with the audio comment, click FileExit.

The icon will now appear in the document. Students will be able to hear your recorded voice comment by double clicking on the sound icon.

Check this link for an example of a document with a voice comment.

~Patricia Hetu

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