Reordering Assignments in the ANGEL Gradebook

Jun 8th, 2011 | Posted by

Reordering an assignment list in your ANGEL course Gradebook may be necessary as the Gradebook can look confusing depending on how it was set up.  Items initially appear by default in the order they are attached to the Gradebook.

To rearrange your assignments to list in a more logical presentation for you:

Step One:  Go to “Categories” in the Gradebook.

Go to catagories in the Gradebook

Step Two: Check the box next to the category whose assignments you want to reorder.  Then click “Show Tasks.”

Go to Show Tasks

Step Three: Click the “Reorder Assignments” link.

Click the Reorder Assignment link

Step Four: Click to highlight the assignment you want to move.  Then, move it using either the “Top,” “Up,” “Down,” or “Bottom” buttons.  Doing so makes this:

Moving Assignments

…into this:

Click "Save" when done

(Reminder: Click “Save” after reordering the assignments)

If you have any questions, please contact your center’s FIT.

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