Welcome to the Empire State College Commons blogging system! Here faculty, staff and students can create, manage, and experiment within the WordPress platform.

As of 6/22/14, the Commons migration has been completed.

If you find that your site has not been migrated, submit a ticket at http://techinfo.esc.edu with your name and the site’s URL. We will import your site as soon as possible.

Any news relating to the Commons system will appear below this welcome post. This will include announcements about system updates, scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, and new training material announcements. All these posts will be searchable in the sidebar and categorized.

Before you begin working in the Commons, take a moment to read about the goal of the Commons on the About tab, linked to in the navigation bar above and the sidebar. Then, take a look around our Commons Learning Center, which provides FAQs and guides to help you work in the Commons successfully.

If you have questions about how to accomplish something in the Commons, check the Commons Learning Center. If it’s not there or you find something is broken, submit a ticket at http://techinfo.esc.edu.

Good luck!


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Theme and Plugin Updates

The following themes have been updated as of 7/22/14.

  • Eclipse
  • Ignite
  • P2
  • RedLine

The following plugins have been updated as of 7/22/14.

  • Akismet
  • Category Posts Widget
  • flickrRSS
  • Share Buttons by AddToAny
  • User Role Editor

If you use any of these themes or plugins and notice any change in functionality, submit a ticket to techinfo.esc.edu.

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Customizing Themes/Live Preview – RESOLVED

We are aware of an issue that is preventing users from Customizing their themes  and viewing a Live Preview of another theme with your site. We are working on fixing this issue and we apologize for any inconvenience.

We have fixed the issue regarding previewing themes and customizing themes. We appreciate your understanding during this time.

Guides in the Commons Learning Center related to this topic:

Customizing Your Theme

Choosing a Theme


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ShareThis Plugin Emails

Many of you may have received emails with the subject line containing “ShareThis WordPress Plugin” in recent days. This is relating to a plugin in the Commons that has a built-in notification system. Unfortunately, since it is not specifically geared toward our multi-site setup, it was notifying more users than it should have been.

We have since removed the plugin and replaced it with a similar plugin called “AddtoAny,” which you can manage through you Settings menu in the dashboard. This controls whether or not buttons will appear on posts/pages that allow visitors to share content to Facebook, Twitter, and dozens of other social media systems appear and which ones.

We apologize for any confusion these emails may have caused. You should not receive anymore; the plugin has been removed.

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