Curriculum and Instructional Design
At CDL, the Curriculum and Instructional Design (CID) GroupĀ  is charged with coordinating the review, revision and development of both new and existing online undergraduate courses. The CID Group is comprised of several coordinating-level Curriculum & Instructional Designers, a Curriculum Design Specialist, Interdisciplinary CIDs, and a Coordinator of Instructor Development. The group’s director manages and oversees the work of each individual member, as well as the group’s overall efforts.

As the CDL Coordinator of Curriculum and Instructional Design for an assigned area of study (AOS), CIDs attend relevant AOS meetings, and pay close attention to faculty concerns and needs with regard to curriculum maintenance, improvement and teaching with technology. In consultation with the team area coordinators, CIDs consult with faculty to plan cycle courses for development and revision, and provide the faculty in their area with development/revision schedules.

The Curriculum Design Specialists (CDS) work collaboratively with faculty and CIDs to provide support in the research, analysis, and writing of curriculum materials for assigned courses. The CDSs provide design consultation, guidance and support to course developers, and use adult learning principles, theories of active and authentic learning, social constructivist models, collaborative learning, interactivity and visual pedagogies to guide their work. They keep current on research and developments in these areas.

The CID Group collaborates with content experts, librarians, multimedia developers, and other instructional designers, for the consistent delivery of exemplary courses. CIDs also contribute to the analysis and adoption of tools, strategies and approaches to content management, course design, and learning delivery that move beyond the current LMS into open source environments.


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