To maintain CDL’s edge in online learning and respond to faculty interest in improving interactivity between students, instructors and content, the curriculum and instructional design team continually research, review and incorporate new technologies and innovative tools into a variety of CDL courses.  The infusion of emerging technologies contributes to authentic learning environments which provide students and faculty unique capabilities and opportunities.

Current trends in Web 2.0 enable the creation of highly collaborative and interactive applications.  The use of these varietal web technologies encourages a greater level of information dissemination by breaking down global/local geographic distinctions and radically increases our students’ connectivity to the most recent news and content sources.

RSS feeds, blogs, wikis, social networking sites, and virtual worlds such as Second Life, are examples of cutting-edge technologies currently being piloted within the curriculum at CDL.  In addition we are exploring and piloting a range of mobile learning applications. With the addition of these tools and their diverse functions, students are participating in a broader, virtual community while safely expanding the scope of their academic experience.

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    Preparing for research in the area of social and learner-centered learning. Please add me to this feed.

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