Welcome to our blog! Thanks for stopping by. We hope you find this information useful. Let’s tell you a little more about us first.

The Center for Distance Learning at SUNY Empire State College offers individual courses and full degrees through online learning.  The courses span a multitude of disciplines, are completely self-contained, rigorous and asynchronous.

The Curriculum and Instructional Design Group at the Center for Distance Learning works to support and enhance the learning experience of CDL students through the application of research-driven course design principles and the use of innovative technologies.

The nature of the work done by the CID group is highly collaborative, and most, if not all of our projects involve the concepts, research, participation and contributions of multiple CDL faculty and staff as well as instructional technologists, librarians, and multimedia developers.

We’ve included a lot more information on who we are and what we do here, so please have a look around!

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