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Politics & Religion in America

Religion remains a powerful force in American political life, despite perspectives that the US is becoming more secular. This Humanities course examines the relationship between religion and politics from a variety of social and philosophical perspectives while establishing a historical framework within which to assess the role of religion in contemporary politics.

The slideshow shown here relies on interactive media to provide a visually-rich approach to the subject matter while giving students freedom to explore a variety of resources and topics at their own pace. While browsing the digital photos and portraits of historic and contemporary political figures, students can read notable quotes and follow links to biographical information.

Advanced Nursing Physiology Image Map

The image map in Advanced Nursing Physiology provides non-linear, individualized navigation. Students are able to play to their strengths, interests, and scheduling needs by navigating uniquely within a large portion of the course.


A full body high quality image of an anatomical male was used for the image map.

Advanced Nursing Physiology

– A full-body, high quality, anatomical model serves as a portal (image map) to various body systems.