Student Spotlight: Earlecia Gibb

Earlecia Gibb

Shopping. Shoes. Clothes. Accessories. Earlecia Gibb knew her interest in clothing meant more to her than a trip to the mall. That’s why she complemented her passion for fashion with film production, editorial styling, on camera hosting, and courses in journalism and photography—transforming her hobby into a career.

“I always wanted to work in fashion journalism. Journalism is a way for me to express how I see the world and happenings in everyday life to the masses. Not everyone is going to read a book, but they will read a newspaper, website or blog. As a minority, I realized there was a void in speaking to people of different cultural backgrounds and I wanted to ensure I found a way to speak to diverse audiences by using fashion as a way to bring people together,” said Gibb, who is working to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies with a concentration in Fashion Communications through SUNY Empire State College’s Center for Distance Learning.

Runway Model, Iman

Through her “dream jobs”, Gibb attended New York Fashion Weeks and covered backstage of runway shows for numerous fashion outlets. She worked with famous models like Chanel, Iman and Sessilee Lopez. She interviewed celebrities like Solange, Juliette Lewis, supermodel Tyson Beckford, and fashion photographer Nigel Barker. She’s interned for Essence, Teen Vogue, and Vibe Vixen.

Together all of these roles led her career in many directions. Now Gibb will use her degree to take her career to a new location: Graduate school at London College of Fashion in London, England.

“I know where I want to go. For me the best part about returning to school for my bachelors was that I knew exactly what I wanted to study. I worked with my mentor to customize my degree and I considered independent study opportunities with my courses,” said Gibb whose program includes classes in Fashion Communications, Fashion in US History, Magazine Editing, Photography and New Media. For her graduate work, she will pursue her interests in fashion culture and film.

Until then, Gibb will continue her global reach electronically, through her entrepreneurial mag-blog at Gibb is the managing editor, blogger, producer/editor of a weekly webisode series and also directs motivated team of four interns.

“I’ve gone through a long journey and I truly enjoy my job. I now share it with interns to encourage them to find their own voices. I use my experience to help them gain industry and fashion exposure they wouldn’t otherwise have,” she said.

What trend will Gibb spot next? And where?! Visit to find out!

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