Say Please or Say PLEASE?

What’s the recommended “Netiquette”?

Loosely defined (in my own words…) etiquette involves following appropriate behavior and social norms as not to offend others in social and professional situations. Closely related is “netiquette”, a term coined with the explosion of Internet, which applies the same principles but relates specifically to electronic communication.

At the Center for Distance Learning, where the main mode of communication is electronic, “netiquette” is a necessary and important concept to define for our community.

That’s why Student Services professional Deb Monte developed netiquette guidelines for Empire State College to promote respect, kindness and appropriate behavior for faculty, students and professionals in an online setting.

Monte noted, “A distinct feature of an online system is that communication occurs solely via the written word. Because of this, the body language and non-verbal feedback of traditional conversation are absent. These facts need to be considered both when writing online messages and when reading them.”

Click here to learn more about this policy. Have you been minding your (electronic) manners? THANK YOU AND GOOD LUCK! Oops, I meant thank you and good luck!