Rochelle Campbell: Author, Blogger & Short Story Artist

Rochelle Campbell was a self-proclaimed “typical (almost) baby-boomer who eschewed any all all things tech~y”. But that was so 2009…before she completed Empire State College’s Digital Storytelling course, taught by Dr. Tom Mackey.

Flash-forward to today…No longer a novice, this author, blogger, and short story artist fired up her Kindle this week and uploaded her first novel-length book, “Opening Up” on Amazon. Previously she published a collection of short stories called, “Leaping Out on Faith“, also available at Amazon.

Earlier this month, Campbell launched her “Notebook Blogiary” which features book reviews (and a clever ‘notebook’ rating scale); life vignettes; samples of her completed short stories or essays; and her thoughts and comments about all things reading or writing related.

“It has been a world wind few weeks!”, said Campbell, who earned a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies with a concentration in Written Communication at Empire State College in 2010. “This class [Digital Storytelling] helped me see that social media and various technology platforms could be my friends,” she said. Based on her immediate success and outstanding creative talents, Ms. Campbell has found herself a modern-day electronic collection of BFFs!

Connect with Rochelle Campbell on Twitter @NotebkBlogairy or via email at

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