Vote YES to keep $25 Student Activity Fee

The State University of New York mandates that the college conduct a referendum every two years so that students vote on whether to keep the current Student Activity Fee ($25)  as mandatory. Students will receive information directly, and the vote will take place between November 26 and December 7th.  

Thanks to the student activity fee fund, SUNY Empire State College students have seen many new direct and effective benefits. The annual student academic conference, enhanced graduation ceremonies, access to the alumni community offering job postings and career advice, an online resume service, lectures, group study, student art shows and an increase in student scholarships are just a sampling of what the fee supports.

The student activity fee greatly enriches the academic experience with so many events, activities and projects for students. Currently, the fee is billed on the student’s regular bill. This fee has not been increased in seven years and it is the lowest in SUNY.

Please vote “yes” to keep the $25 Student Activity Fee and support future college events!