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Digital Photo Exhibit: A Celebration of Community

People. Places. Things. Diversity.

Four categories of photo exhibits and a perfect way to describe today’s inaugural Digital Photography Exhibit, which transformed the Center for Distance Learning’s 113 West Avenue meeting room into a hub of activity, friendship and creativity from all areas of the college.

Committee Members (L to R) Sally DeForest, John Beckem, Audi Matias

“The purpose of the event was to use art as a way to bring people together to celebrate creativity and the many ‘snapshots’ of life,” said event Chairperson Dr. John Beckem, Area Coordinator for Business, Management and Economics. Beckem and Center Development Committee members Audeliz Matias and Sally DeForest worked together to display over 200 digital photos, coordinate speaker and group discussions, and host over 150 guests throughout the day.

Secretary to the Dean of Nursing, Cathy Hoff, submitted a series of nature photos (including the image on left) in the “THINGS” category, taken recreationally with her point-and-shoot camera.  “I enjoyed sharing a few of the images from my personal album and then seeing other photos from so many creative and talented people I work with. What a great way to spend my lunch hour…chatting with friends and sharing ideas. I hope we do this event again next year,” she said.

Participants at other locations of the college “attended” the event via Eluminate from Manhattan to Central New York, at the Niagara-Frontier Center, and many locations in between. Over 10 groups and locations were connected to the event via laptop.

The Committee would like to recognize Mary Caroline Powers, Susan McFadden, Helen Edelman, John Hughes, Jim Merola, Deb Zanet and Chris Duffney for their support of the event.

Click here to view all exhibit photos and the event scrapbook!

Have You Registered for March Term?

Check out these featured courses recommended by area coordinators, highlighted for interesting course design and content. You can also browse the full roster of course offerings in the March Term Guide. Registraion is open through March 18.

LAB-263704  United States Labor History
This course is an overview of America labor and working-class history from the late 19th century to the beginning of the 21st century.  It meets the SUNY Gen Ed requirement in American History, and it is upper level and liberal. (4 credits, upper level)

SMT-273524   Plant Ecology   
Plant ecology is the scientific study of interactions that determine the distribution and abundance of plants within the environment. This course will introduce students to the fundamental principles and concepts of plant ecology through an examination of plants within the environment. ( 4 credits, upper level, meets general education in natural science)

HDV- 283154 Child Development
In this advanced level study, students will become familiar with the current knowledge of child development. Students will explore the theories and research findings that seek to explain developmental shifts from conception through adolescence. (4 credits, upper level)

HDV – 284354  Play, Fantasy, Reality
This four credit advanced level course will cover the complexity and beauty of children’s play and its extension into adult worlds. Students in Human Development, Educational Studies, and Community and Human/ Health Services are likely to find this course addresses both professional and personal interests in the constraints upon, limits to, and manifestations, uses and potential of play in its myriad forms in both childhood and across the life cycle. Distinctions among play, fantasy and reality will be drawn using themes both connecting and discriminating child and adult play. An understanding of play will be shown to be central to pragmatic issues such as learning, developmental assessment, curriculum development, and treatment of a diversity of problems. (4 credits, upper level)

Talk to your mentor and register at Classes begin on March 21 and end on July 8th.

CDL Peer Tutoring: Help When and Where You Need It

Need a tutor? Want to be a tutor? CDL’s Academic Support Specialist Theresa (Terry) Vamvalis can literally help you learn more.

“Peer tutors are current ESC students who work with others struggling in a on-line course. Our tutors complete extensive training and are required to have completed the course they will tutor in, since their primary focus is to assist students in understanding course content and related materials,” said Vamvalis, also an Empire State College alumnus.

Currently at Empire State College, 155 distance-based peer tutors assist students in more than 250 courses. Additionally, in a newly-developed program, peer tutors are embedded in 12 sections of CDL courses like Algebra, Human Nutrition, Genetics and Statistics to provide frequent, ongoing assistance as needed. Tutoring is also available in PowerPoint, Excel, MapleSoft, navigating Angel for new users, and academic research.

“I am very pleased with the results of our peer tutoring program,” said Craig Lamb, Director of Academic Support, who started this service in 2009 and recently received the James William and Mary Elizabeth Hall award for Innovation at Empire State College. “It’s a win-win. Students get the help they need from people who understand their frustrations since they’ve likely encountered these same issues in the past,” added Lamb. 

Another reason to try it? The Center for Distance Learning’s Peer Tutoring program won second place at the Center for Transforming Student Services’ (CENTSS) 2010-11 Innovation Awards in Online Student Services awards. Congratulations to the Academic Support team.  

Tutors in all areas are available. Inquire today at the peer tutoring web page!

Miss the Immigration Panel? Recorded Version Now Available!

December’s Immigration panel, “Immigration in the U.S.: Implications for Our Future”, presented on-site and on-line with experts from Empire State College and Skidmore College, featured many different perspectives and active audience participation. Interested in viewing it via web? Here is a link to the recording from the workshop. When you see the home screen (shown on here) click on the person’s photo to hear their presentation.

Check back for an upcoming announcement for Part 2, a second immigration panel to be hosted by Empire State College in February. Hope to “see” you there!

Call for Entries: 3rd Annual Student Art Competiton

Artwork for 2011’s competition must can submitted as a PDF file starting February 1, 2011 through May 6, 2011 at

Last year’s winner, pictured at left, titled “Plant an Urban Garden,” a linoleum cut by Alejandra Delfin, was announced at the 2010 Student Academic Conference held in White Plains, NY in November. Her compelling image in earth tones represents an urban garden and showcases Delfin’s special talent for innovative composition and use of shape, space and color. Delfin’s background is in printmaking, which she studied in Paris with renowned artist Stanley H. Hayter. Her area of study at SUNY Empire State College is visual arts; her mentor is Betty Wilde-Biasiny. 

Start planning for your entry today!