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By Tom Mackey, Ph.D.

Video conferencing at CDL

Posted by tom mackey on July 6, 2011

It has been a busy few months with the CDL Graduation and the international SCOP 2011 conference in June. This week we had the chance to use the new video conferencing equipment at SUNY Empire State College to connect our new faculty who started this week in Saratoga Springs and New York City. We hired four new faculty for our Saratoga location and three new faculty who will be working at our Metro Center in New York City. Our new Tandberg video conferencing equipment now connects all of our centers throughout New York State. Our initial meeting with new faculty took place in Saratoga Springs and New York City and it was so interesting because after the conversation started we were not even thinking about the fact that we were communicating between two places in New York, we were just talking and sharing ideas about new technologies, mentoring, and teaching online. Remember the old days when we had to use video conferencing in the basement?  Those days are over.  We have portable units that can be used anywhere in our new building and we will soon be connecting via laptops.  I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation.

One Response to “Video conferencing at CDL”

  1.   Lisa Rapple Says:

    Deb zanet and I used the video conferencing with a colleague in rochester. The feeling that you are really sitting in one space is uncanny. This will really encourage the “one college” concept. I encourage others with a good excuse to try it.