Why Political Science? Why Empire State?


Politics plays a central role in all of our lives.  The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, considered by many to be the first true political scientist, called politics “the master science”.  His point was that political activity ultimately set the rules for other types of communal activity. In our own lives we can see the enduring truth of Aristotle’s observation.

Students at Empire State College’s Center for Distance Learning can study politics from a number of different angles. If your interests are connected to politics and the environment, you can work with your faculty mentor to develop a degree plan that is tailored to your interests. If you want to pursue a career in political communication you can work towards that goal as well. Or, maybe you are interested in concentrating your studies in the area of political theory; we have the faculty and resources to accommodate that goal as well.

There are links on this site to a number of courses and studies that we offer through the Center for Distance Learning. There are also links to sample degree plans in political science. These plans are truly samples only, intended to give you a sense of what is possible here. Your faculty mentor can help you design a degree plan that is perfect for you.  Students studying politics at Empire State College’s Center for Distance Learning can study in the four core political science areas (American Politics, Political Theory, International Relations, Comparative Politics) and in a number of related areas such as politics and religion, the US Constitution, state and local government, and a range of related fields such public administration and public policy.

If you have any questions about the study of politics at Empire State College’s Center for Distance Learning please feel free to contact Dr. Frank Vander Valk, the Political Science Academic Coordinator (Department Chair), at Frank.Vandervalk@esc.edu