The Contamination Waltz:
Theatre, HIV and Community Health
A Weekend Residency in Theatre for Development

October 8, 9 and 10, 2010
SUNY Empire State College
Metropolitan Center
325 Hudson Street, New York City


Lesotho to New York

This interactive, hands-on New York City-based residency will build on
the work of the Winter/Summer Institute in theatre for development
(WSI). In 2006 and 2008, students from Empire State College traveled
to Lesotho to join with students and faculty from the U.K., South
Africa and Lesotho, as well as with rural villagers, to create a model
of collaborative, aesthetically provocative theatre around critical issues
in the battle against HIV/AIDS.

Take the Next Step With Us

Residency participants will explore the interrelationship of gender
inequity, poverty, stigma and denial in the rural communities of
sub-Saharan Africa. We will look at ways that theatre can be used
to help people grapple with complex and difficult questions about
the health of our communities.
Using WSI’s method of collaborative theatre making, and drawing
on research as well as recent experiences in Africa, we will dive into
complicated issues of cultural difference, including:
• the tensions of tradition and modernity
• the experience of insider/outsider
• the feeling of “It’s in my culture; it’s not in my culture.”

Together We Will

View video of WSI’s work
Learn about critical cultural and social issues affecting Lesotho
Participate in improvisational scene building
Create a collaborative performance
Engage in individualized research and creative projects in related
areas of interest

Click here to download the Contamination Waltz Residency 2010 poster.