Dr. Judith Gerardi
Dr. Gerardi

I am a Human Development professor and mentor in International Programs.  My Ph.D. from New York University is in Educational Psychology, and I worked with children, families, and teachers as a school psychologist prior to my twenty-plus years at Empire State College.   My primary teaching areas are human development, psychology applied to teaching and learning, cultural psychology, psychology of gender, and childhood during wartime.   My current academic research addresses the psychosocial impact on children of living in a war zone.  Since 1991, I taught and collaborated with local faculties in the College’s international locations in Prague, Athens, Tirana, Nicosia, and Beirut.  My research on children and war began while I worked with university students who grew up in the midst of the civil war in Lebanon.  Currently, I am looking at the ways in which imagination, as seen in children’s drawings, can be an ally to the mental health and psychological development of children living in war zones.