From Marnie Evans, Metropolitan Center in New York City

Nothing is “back to normal.” Hurricane Sandy has affected some Empire State faculty, professionals and staff too! On November 8, 2012, Marnie Evans, Director of Academic Review at Metropolitan Center, NYC shared with us what she has experienced:

There was a difficult time with no water, power, heat, elevator or Internet.  Luckily my land line worked, so I had a telephone, and I have friends who never lost any services and after two days I went there for a visit and a meal, so my inconvenience was not what many faced.  Our services at home came back on Friday night.  The office was not open until Tuesday, so I’m glad to be back at the office with some semblance of normal days.  After two days I went to a friend’s apartment for a shower, a visit and a HOT meal, but then was home to track the phone and sleep.  Cold, but connected with family and friends.

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