Locate Full Text

No library can provide access to all the information sources out there. You will identify information sources that the Empire State College Online Library doesn’t have.  Give yourself enough time to get them by other means.

How can I tell if an article is available in full-text format or not?

In the search results list, you will see a link to the full-text article that looks like one of these:

Screenshot of the HTML Full-text and PDF Full-text buttons as they appear in EBSCOhost databases.

If not, that means the full text isn’t available in that database, but it might be available in another. Article Linker is a tool that links you from the search result in one database to full text in other databases. You may see something that looks like one of these:

Screenshot of the Article Linker link as it appears in most databases. Says "Check for full-text availability in all library collections."Screenshot of the Article linker button as it appears in most databases. It's an oblong gray button that says ArticleLinker in blue and green capital letters.

Click it. If any of the library’s databases has the full-text article, it will open up in a new window. Otherwise, you will get the message, “Sorry, but this item was not found in full text in the Empire State College collections.” Then you’ll have to try one of the options that are explained on the next page.

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