Welcome to my site!

I am a half-time mentor in Human Development at the Metropolitan Center of Empire State College. This site has been developed to give you a place where you can easily access materials and links that will enhance your learning experience. Here you will find information for current studies as well as links to related topics. Although I have included learning contracts for a number of studies, understand that these contracts are suggestive rather than written in stone. I encourage collaboration with students so that the contracts can be structured to meet your individual needs and interests. Learning is most meaningful (and easiest!) when it is experientially relevant. Feel free to download whatever you think will be helpful.

My current academic interests include the integration of neuroscience with psychotherapeutic theory and technique, defining theory in psychology and understanding the integration of emotion and cognitive functioning in motivation.

In addition to mentoring at Empire State College, I work as a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst in independent practice, primarily with adults and couples. After September 11, I founded, with other mental health professionals, a not-for -profit 501 (c) (3) called the New York Disaster Counseling Coalition (NYDCC), an organization that provides totally free and confidential mental health services for first responders and their family members.  If you would like to contact me, I am best reached by email at: janet.bachant@esc.edu.