Hello and Welcome

November 4th, 2010

My name is Jeff Lambe and I am a mentor/assistant professor in Social Theory, Structure, and Change at Empire State College. I was fortunate to have met two very influential people at a young age, Ongwehonwe (original or real human beings) from the Kahniakehaka (Mohawk) and Oglala Lakota nations; Tekaronianeken Jake Swamp and Wanbli Nata’u Javen Tony Tenfingers. Both of these mentors were the most important influence on me in terms of beginning and pursuing my education; Jake Swamp suggesting, “Why don’t you get that piece of paper so they will honor you as a human being.”

Dr. Roger Locandro, distinguished professor emeritus  from Cook College, Rutgers University opened the door and mentored me throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies.  Dr. Bonnie McCay of Rutgers University and Dr. Sherene Baugher of Cornell University had the misfortune to serve as my academic advisors during my undergraduate  and master’s degrees respectively.  Dr. Robert Venables, retired lecturer from Cornell University mentored me in terms of improving my writing abilities and providing guidance during my graduate studies.

Because of my experience as an adult learner, I feel that I can make a small contribution to other adult learners and their educational pursuits. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Policy/Ecology from Rutgers University, a Master’s Degree in Community and Rural Development from Cornell University, a PhD in Indigenous Studies from Trent University, and a huge student loan. It was more than worth it.

The above image is kaswentha or wampum.  This is the oldest representation of relationships and peace in the Northeast and the one that continued my interests in the following areas.  Most of my courses are related to the study of relationships. I have interests in Indigenous knowledge, peace and conflict studies, education, figurative and symbolic language, and narrative analysis.

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