YouTube Tools

If your studies use videos from YouTube you can create a less visually cluttered viewing environment by using one of these tools listed below. Some tools can be used in Angel, while others work better for face-to-face study group meetings.

SafeShare TV

Generates an advertisement and clutter free view for any YouTube video. There are several background options, however, there is no option for switching to full screen mode.


Generates an advertisement and clutter free view that also permits a full screen mode. ViewPure has a  toolbar button which can be installed in your browser bookmarks toolbar that makes generating a an advertisement free view a simple one click operation.


QuietTube will provide an advertisement free view for YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Viddler and Vimeo. QuietTube requires the use of a toolbar button. QuietTube supports the creation of a short URL to send to students or colleagues. Note that QuietTube does not block video suggestions that appear at the end of YouTube and other videos.


TubeChop has an intuitive method for selecting part of a YouTube video. TubeChop will generate a link and an embed code. Note that the link to the edited video does contain advertisements, while the embed code does not. Useful for an edited advertisement free Angel or Commons video.


VideoANT provides the ability to annotate videos with timeline-based text annotations. The annotated videos can be linked to for viewing on the site or embedded in an Angel or Commons page. Instructors can also provide a link to students so that they can add their own annotations.

For more information or assistance using these tools, contact your center Faculty Instructional Technologist.