About Me

Miriam Tatzel, portraitI retired from Empire State College in 2015 after a long career at this remarkable institution.  I arrived here during the early days, drawn by the prospect of working with students in individualized tutorials. As I shared my students’ interests, they also shared mine, and as I became a better mentor, I also grew as a scholar.

I have been studying psychology ever since I was a psych major at Queen College, CUNY, in the 1960s. My doctoral studies at Columbia University were in social psychology, and this disciplinary foundation continues to inform my work. My commitment to a career as “mentor” had roots in the alternative education movement that arose in the 60’s. When I found out about the new experimental college of SUNY, I knew Empire was the place for me.

Over the years, in my work with students and my own creative work, I have engaged with many areas of psychology and interdisciplinary studies involving psychology. Over time, I developed specializations in consumer psychology and positive psychology and how the two come together. My interest in well-being in the consumer domain of life led to my becoming the editor of a volume, Consumption and Well-Being in the Material World (Springer, 2014).

I no longer work with students and I don’t attend meetings, but as Professor Emerita, I continue to feel connected to the institution and I continue to be a learner of psychology.