Marie Tondreau PortraitI am an Assistant Professor and full-time faculty mentor in Human Development at SUNY Empire State College. I am the Unit Coordinator for the Nanuet Unit of the Hudson Valley Center, a member of the Committee on Undergraduate Studies and Policies (CUSP), and a participant in the Interdisciplinary Area of Study (AOS).

My teaching interests include human development and psychology topics. I am also interested in diversity (as expressed in studies such as Race, Class, and Gender; Multicultural Psychology; and Global Cultures) and narrative perspectives on human experience (as expressed in studies such as Narrative Psychology; Narrative Counseling; Narrative Research; Illness Narratives; and Life Story Literature).

My research interests include narrative identity, and narrative perspectives on adult development and education. The Weaving Storylines section of this website is a work in progress, comprised primarily of bibliographic resources relating to the interdisciplinary study of narrative.