Why Do I Enjoy New Student Orientation?


Here in Latham, it was New Student Orientation Day yesterday.

For me New Student Orientation Day is exciting . It’s a day to welcome new Northeast Center students and introduce them to the Center’s staff, faculty, and administrators. It reminds me how exciting this can be for you if you are a new student. It also reminds me how nervous you can feel when they sit down at orientation.

 We do our best to make each of you feel welcome and that you have made the right choice in coming through that front door of the Northeast Center. I also encourage you to ask questions as new (and experienced) students. Your questions help all of us here at the Center to know what information is important to you. Sometimes those of us, who work here every day, forget how complicated ESC can be when you start out.

 Here are some of the questions that our newest students asked at yesterday’s orientation in Latham, along with some information that I hope sends you in the right direction.

How can I find out about scholarships to help me pay for college?

Scholarship information can be found in a couple of places on the Empire State College website. You can look at the following links:

www.esc.edu/scholarships   This is the link to the ESC Foundation web page. The ESC foundation awards scholarships to students in the Fall of each year. At the Northeast Center, Student Services receives a list of the Foundation scholarships and all eligible students each summer. We email each eligible student the list of scholarships and ask students to let us know which of the scholarships they think they are eligible for. This information, along with recommendations from mentors is forwarded to the Student Accounts office where awards are determined, and students are notified.

Please carefully read over the general guidelines for Foundation Scholarships on the web page.

 www.esc.edu/financialaid  This is the link to the ESC main Financial Aid page. On this page there is a bulleted list of links. If you click on this link “Financial Aid Programs and Eligibility Requirements”, you will be directed to a page that includes information about many other sources of aid and scholarship opportunities.

 What are “residency classes”?

Residency programs offer you the opportunity to take undergraduate studies in a blended-model that combines face-to-face group meetings with an online component.

 The format for residency programs varies, but in general a residency provides a face-to-face group meeting combined with an online component. You register for a residency course during the standard registration period. You first access the course materials generally on line (through Angel) and have readings and/or assignments to work on before you meet face to face in a group with other students who are enrolled in the same course. These meetings are usually held at the Northeast Center or a local venue that is connected to the residency theme. During the face to face meetings, you have the opportunity to network with, and hear from, professionals and community leaders and attend career building workshops. Many students find residency programs to be a preferred mode of study that provides the support to accomplish their goals while balancing the demands of work, life and family responsibilities.

A sample of the residency programs can be seen at this web site: www.esc.edu/bmeresidency

 Where can I use my student ID?

Your ESC ID card can be used at other SUNY and CUNY libraries. You can also use it to get student discounts at some local businesses. Bookstores and movie theaters often have a student discount policy. Here at NEC, I would like to collect information on local businesses that offer discounts to ESC students. If you know of a business that gave you a student discount, please email me at:  NEC.StudentServcies@esc.edu

I look foward to your comments, Joan Johnsen



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