Purpose of this Site 

The information on this site is provided in order to support the student service and academic support needs all students at SUNY Empire State College’s Northeast Center as they transition into their first term of enrollment through to graduation.

Who We Are

To contact any of the center personnel listed below, please call the main center number at (518) 783-6203 or the Student Information Center @ 1-800-847-3000 or e-mail them using the following format: firstname.lastname@esc.edu (include any punctuation in the name as part of the e-mail address).

Please note – staffing may change throughout the course of a year, so be advised that this list is current only as of March 2012.

Staff Member Name Primary Location Primary Responsibility Professional Areas of Responsibility/Teaching, Research & Scholarly Interest
Thomas Akstens Adirondack Mentor Drama Theory, Film, Literature
Tony Anadio Latham Mentor History
Felicia Barcomb Plattsburgh Secretary, Plattsburgh Unit Responsible for…
Cynthia (Cindy) Bates Schenectady Mentor Arts
Lynne Black Adirondack Secretary, Adirondack Unit Responsible for…
Mary Borden Saratoga Mentor U.S. History – 20th century
Donna Buker Latham Secretary, Center Office of Academic Review Handles requests for transcripts, assessment office, &  graduation status
Jenny Calhoun Saratoga Secretary,      Saratoga Unit Responsible for…
Mete Cetiner Latham Mentor Computer & Information Systems
Kate Colberg Latham Outreach and Recruitment Specialist Responsible for…
Robert Congemi Latham/Plaza Mentor Literature
Lisa D’Adamo-Weinstein Latham Director of Academic Support Academic Support, Adult Learning in College, Technology & Learning, Technology & Self-Expression
Mary Dann Latham Director of Academic Review
Cathy Davison Latham Mentor Science – human health
Maureen Edmonds Latham Recruitment Secretary Responsible for…
John Eisler Latham Associate Dean Psychobiology
Ralph English Johnstown Mentor Political Science & Religious Studies
Liza Feldman Latham Assessment Specialist Responsible for …..                              Teaches/interested in Mindfulness & Yoga
Karen Garner Saratoga Mentor History
Richard Gotti Latham Mentor Human Services
Christopher Grill Latham Mentor Political Science
Elaine Handley Saratoga Mentor Creative & Literary Non-Fiction, American Literature, Women’s Studies
Joan Harrington Schenectady Mentor Diversity in the Workplace, Women’s Studies
Claudia Hough Latham Mentor Critical Reading/Thinking, Writing
Leslie Jarvis Latham Mentor Business Studies, Economics, Finance, MIS
Joan Johnsen Latham Coordinator of Student Services Responsible for…
Lisa Johnson Saratoga Retention Specialist Responsible for…
Linda Jones Saratoga Mentor Science, Math & Technology
Reynolds Jones Latham Technology Services Specialist Computers, Microcomputer applications
Sewon Kim Adirondack Mentor Business Management & Economics
Mary LaMountain Latham  Residencies & Office of Academic Support Secretary Responsible for…
Darrell Leavitt Plattsburgh Mentor Organizational Behavior, Environmental Psychology, Sociology
Michele Lee Johnstown Secretary, Johnstown Unit Responsible for…
Efrat Levy Troy Mentor Child Development, Learning Theory
Gerry Lorentz Latham Dean History
Lori McCaffrey Latham Residency Specialist Responsible for…
MaryNell Morgan Saratoga Mentor African American Experiences, American Government
Sylvain Nagler Latham Mentor Human Development
Irene Norsworthy Johnstown Mentor Business Management & Economics
Wayne Ouderkirk Saratoga Mentor Environmental Philosophy And Issues
Karen Pass Latham Mentor Science, Biology
Cynthia Petker Troy Secretary,           Troy Unit Responsible for…
George Pilkey Saratoga Mentor Community & Human Services
Patricia Pillsworth Latham Assistant to the Dean History, 20th Century Europe, WWI, WWII, International Relations, British History
Anastasia Pratt Plattsburgh Mentor History and American Culture
MarySue Ray Schenectady Secretary, Schenectady Unit Responsible for…
William (Bill) Regan Latham Mentor Strategic Management
Sarah Rose Latham Secretary, Office of Student Services Responsible for…
Duncan RyanMann Troy Mentor Economics, Public Finance
Amy Salvati Latham Mentor Math
Sarah Spence-Staulters Latham/Troy/    Schenectady Peer Coaching Program Coordinator/   Learning Coach Responsible for…
Kate Stockton Saratoga/Adirondack/Latham Learning Coach Responsible for…   Teaches Enhancing the Academic Eye…
Jacque Svingala Latham Receptionist                     Secretary Handles all the reception desk and i.d. pictures
Joan Tambasco Latham Evening Receptionist Responsible for…
Kathy Tarrant Latham Mentor Human Resource Management
Christine Testani Adirondack Mentor Community & Human Services
Nadine Wedderburn Schenectady Mentor Social Theory, Social Structure & Change
David Wheeler Saratoga Mentor Arts – visual arts
Joseph Yogtiba Latham Mentor Community & Human Services
Cheryl Yost Latham Secretary to the Dean/Office Manager Dean’s calendar and appointments, financial aid, tuition

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