Welcome to the Student Services page!

The Northeast Center Office of Student Services is here to help you with all non-academic questions. We are the starting point if you are not sure where to begin. We will provide on-going service to you through out your studies here at Empire State College. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 518-783-6203 or e-mail us at NEC.StudentServices@esc.edu.



Quick Web Links for Common Student Questions

Here are some quick links to ESC web sites you might need.

www.esc.edu/myesc : Your one stop web page for student information!

www.esc.edu/forms: Contains links to the commonly used forms

www.esc.edu/disabilityservices : Description of disability services and resources

www.esc.edu/ovme : Homepage for the ESC Office of Veteran and Military Education

www.esc.edu/tuition:  Includes up to date information on tuition and fees

www.esc.edu/fees:  Provides a detailed description of college fees.

www.esc.edu/studentaccounts : This is the home page for Student Accounts 

www.esc.edu/finaid : This is the home page for Financial Aid. 

www.esc.edu/payment : Provides information about how to make a payment.

www.esc.edu/timepaymentplan : Information and application for the time payment plan.

www.esc.edu/billing : Gives detail about how charges are calculated and payment options.

www.esc.edu/thirdparty: Information on third-party sponsor and tuition vouchers.

www.esc.edu/refund : Provides information on financial aid refunds.

www.esc.edu/crossregistration : Cross registration information, instructions and forms.

www.esc.edu/nyresidency : Policy on NYS residency and application form.

www.esc.edu/1098 : Information about the IRS 1098 tax form for tuition.

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