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As an educator, when you evaluate learning resources your first question should always be; what will the student learn and how will he or she learn it? It’s easy for those very fundamental questions to get lost when technology is used in support of teaching and learning.

  Google Docs Spreadsheet Educational Uses of Google EarthThe Google Earth Blogprovides a wealth of information on the popular 3D mapping tool, Google Earth, including a section on the use of Google Earth (GE) as an educational technology. But the question is, what will students gain by following the route of Shackleton’s Antarctic voyage, or by seeing where the most slippage occurred during the 1906 San Francisco earthquake? (image at left)One answer is that students can use activities like these to develop the geographers “sense of place”. Another is that students will learn and take advantage of exploratory data analysis. Used properly, Google Earth makes it possible to visualize and understand the meaning in data in entirely new ways.