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In the minds of many, calculus is college mathematics. Using calculus we can calculate exactly how much force to apply to send a spacecraft to mars, or the rate at which a medication will be absorbed into the bloodstream. Calculus connects mathematics to our natural world.

You might be surprised to learn that all of calculus is built on three not so difficult concepts: limits, rates of change, and areas under a curve. As one well-known mathematics professor has put it, “A typical calculus textbook has 5 pages to explain the concepts and 1200 pages of examples.”

Of Special Note: For students with a background in college math, The Empire State College Course, Math Modeling, is for students ready to go beyond the basics and learn about the math models used in science and economics.

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The popular TV series Numbers has spawned several web sites that provide background and classroom activities tied the mathematics featured in each episode. A group at Cornell University has taken a deeper look at some of the math. Be sure to scroll down to see the resources for season four. These pages include the use of math demonstrations created specifically for the show at the Wolfram Demonstrations web site.