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As a field of mathematical study, geometry sometimes seems a bit dusty. After all, the basic rules of geometry, at least the Euclidean kind you learn about in school, were written down over 2000 years ago by, you guessed it, the Greek mathematician Euclid .

But geometry is alive and well. It is through the study of geometry that most students are introduced to the idea of a mathematical proof, one of the doorways to higher math and indeed to western thinking as a whole.

Furthermore, if we gaze beyond the Euclidean plane with its points and lines – and use different sets of axioms (basic laws assumed to be true)- entirely new vistas appear with applications across the full range of science. Turns out, Euclid was really on to something.

Geogebra screen shot   GeoGebraIt’s hard to convey how useful this program is for learning math. Geogebra maintains a dynamic connection between plots and geometric constructions on the one hand and the coordinates and functions that define those constructions on the other. You can manipulate a drawing and the algebra changes and you can also go the other way.