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Statistics and Data Analysis

On-line Resources: Statistics and Data Analysis

Data, data, everywhere…

As students, and as citizens, we are bombarded with statistical data; polls, reports, economic data, and on and on. You need a solid understanding of how information and knowledge are extracted from data to be successful as a student, and to participate fully in the modern world.

Of Special Note: Empire State College offers a newly redesigned and updated statistics course called Statistics: An Activity Based Approach. You can learn more about this course by visiting

StatCrunch screen shot StatCrunch

StatCrunch is a fully on-line data analysis toolkit with features comparable to expensive desktop statistics and data analysis software. StatCrunch allows you to upload data files, apply statistical tests, and create plots of various types.

Probably the best way to get a feel for what you can do with StatCrunch is to watch this demonstration/tutorial video from the folks who created the software.