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On-line Resources: Geotechnology

The U.S. Department of Labor has identified geotechnology as one of the three most important emerging techno-scientific fields (nanotechnology and biotechnology are the other two). Opportunities for learning about geotechnology are expanding and so are opportunities for rewarding careers. Geotechnology is playing a increasingly prominent role in fields including; environmental science, homeland security, natural resources management, sustainability science, public administration, utilities management, and many more.

Of Special Note: For students with a interest in this topic, The Empire State College Course, GPS and the New Geography, is for students who want to learn about this topic first hand. Students in this course use GPS and other new geography technologies as part of a larger study of environmental science.

Are you familiar with Google Earth? WorldWind looks a lot like Google Earth but adds capabilities for downloading and analyzing a wide variety of earth sciences data.

For a brief overview of what WorldWind is all about, and how you can use it, see this flyer produced by NASA.