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Spreadsheet Tutorials


Spreadsheets are useful for:

  • organizing and presenting data
  • for visualizing data using charts
  • for data analysis of all kinds.

In this series of tutorials we demonstrate spreadsheet skills and techniques that you can use for data management and analysis using Microsoft Excel 2000. Much of the material covered here is conceptual and will apply in any version of Excel, or some other spreadsheet. In a few cases what you’ll see in your spreadsheet may be different and you’ll need to find the equivalent command or feature in your spreadsheet.

The introduction describes the terms used throughout the series.

Terms and Techniques
The Introduction

Basic Skills: Organizing, Formatting, Importing Data
Part One: Moving a table

Part Two: Formatting the table

Part Three: Organizing and Sorting

Making use of data copied from a web page in Excel

Intermediate Skills: Working with Functions

Basic Techniques

Cell Referencing

Intermediate Skills: Charting
Create A Basic Chart

Understanding the Chart Wizard

Line Charts: the basics

Line Charts: Advanced techniques and comparison with XY charts

XY (Scatter) charts: the basics

XY (Scatter) charts: plotting a function

Pie Charts

Histograms Part One: Creating a histogram manually

Histograms Part Two: Using the Data Analysis Toolpak

Installing the Data Analysis Toolpak

Pareto Charts: Create a Pareto chart

Advanced Skills: Statistics and Data Analysis
Summary Statistics

Inference From Charts: Trend Lines and correlation

Regression Analysis

The Least Squares Method