Discussion Panel 3: Closing the Loop on Programmatic Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

Discussants are Duncan RyanMann, Bridget Nettleton and Roz Rufer

Jim Savitt is moderating the session.

This is the third of our three panel discussions related to the presentations recorded prior to the conference.  Presentations in this area focus on activities that AOS groups programs have undertaken or are developing to learn from and use findings from assessment, or on activities or learning design that will or supports effective assessment of student learning outcomes.  The three prerecorded sessions for this discussion are:

 BM&E and “Closing the Loop” on Assessment

Lessons Learned from the Accreditation Journey

Closing the Loop as Part of the MBA Accreditation and Assessment

Contained within the post for each of these sessions is a recording that we hope you will view prior to the discussion period.   Click on the link within the post to access the recording.  Please send your questions for the panel to jim.savitt@esc.edu.

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