The conference theme, “Moving to Mastery: Creativity in Learning Design and Student Learning Assessment,” focuses on our work with students. It provides an opportunity to look at some of the ongoing work in academic centers and programs to promote engaged and creative designs for learning, including formats and strategies for formative assessment, as well as the work of AOSs and other programs for closing the loop on student learning assessment.

Participants have prerecorded sessions in advance of the conference. Abstracts for conference sessions with links to the prerecorded material run down the left side of the home page.  When you click the link to the rerecorded session it will launch Elluminate.  The Elluminate session takes a minute or two to load and you may need to click OK or accept to allow the Ellumnate files to run on your computer.  It is OK to accept the files.  At the bottom of each post is a comment link to read and add comments.  Please contribute to the discussion by adding your reflections and questions to the site.

The complete agenda is on the agenda tab/page.

Information for AOS and Affinity group meetings on Thursday is available on the AOS and Affinity Group Information page.   The room information for the video conferencing is on the Meeting Rooms at Centers page.

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