Would You Still Love Me if You Knew?
Theatre, HIV and Community Health
A Weekend Residency in Applied Theatre

 March 9, 10 and 11, 2012
SUNY Empire State College
Metropolitan Center
325 Hudson Street, New York City

New York to Lesotho – and Back

This interactive, hands-on New York City-based residency will build
on the applied theatre work of the Winter/Summer Institute (WSI).
In 2006, 2008 and 2011, students from Empire State College traveled
to Lesotho to join with students and faculty from universities in South
Africa and Lesotho, as well as with rural villagers, to create a model
of collaborative, aesthetically provocative theatre around critical issues
in the battle against HIV/AIDS

Take the Next Step With Us

Residency participants will explore how the use of theatre can help
people grapple with complex questions about health and well-being.
We’ll experiment together, using theatre to look at cultural and social
issues affecting the rural communities of Lesotho and the intricate
health concerns they confront. We also will begin to examine how
theatre can help us think about similar issues in our own communities

Using WSI’s method of collaborative theatre-making, and drawing
on research as well as on our recent experiences in Africa, we will
dive into questions about secrecy and the impact of secrets on
public health.

  • Do secrets make us sick?
  • Do they protect us?
  • What are the effects of secrecy (or disclosure) on our communities?

Together We Will
View video of WSI’s work
Learn about critical cultural and social issues affecting Lesotho
Participate in improvisational scene building
Connect to similar issues in our own lives
Learn about using theatre to address community health
Create a collaborative performance

EARN UP TO 4 undergraduate credits for participating in the
residency meetings and completing residency activities and projects,
and engaging in individualized research and creative projects in
related areas.

Click here to download the Theatre, HIV and Community Health Residency 2012 poster.